Supportive faculty: Our professors are scholars and experienced practitioners who understand the real-life challenges of K-12 education. They bring relevant knowledge and evidence-based practices into your learning process and are committed to your success. 

Flexibility: Our program is predominantly completed online and is designed for doctoral students who work full time, have families, and are involved in their community. Courses start every eight weeks, allowing you to start your program at any time throughout the year and finish in as little as three years (less with transfer courses), plus a dissertation. 

Dissertation research: Advisors and committee members support you through each step to ensure the timely completion of a high-quality dissertation. 

Values-based leadership: Our professors integrate their faith into their instruction, modeling the importance of values-based leadership, which encourages you to integrate your ethical commitments into your leadership. 

Licensure options: You’ll have the opportunity to earn a license as a principal, superintendent, and/or director of special education so you’re prepared to serve in the educational role that best suits your interests, skills, and career goals. 

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